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Storytelling: Not Just for Creatives Anymore
Please join our esteemed panel of “Creative” thought leaders on November 19 as they share their experiences and expertise in storytelling. Learn how storytelling can be used by all levels of profession, or in any industry to influence and engage.

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WICT Webinar Series: Results Leadership Part 1
As a leader, your recognition comes from the results of your team. Results are critical to success and the key to success is in how you write your goals.  Join us on December 5 for the next WICT Webinar Series event with Joy Kacik and learn more about creating a vision others can follow.

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5 Questions for WarnerMedia’s Laura Dames

“If you have a goal work towards the goal, otherwise it’s actually not your goal.” An Interview with Laura Dames   WICT Southeast and WarnerMedia are hosting a panel event on Storytelling in November and I’d like to begin with your story. How did you get to where you are now? Is your life/career story … Continue reading 5 Questions for WarnerMedia’s Laura Dames

Bootcamp Fellow Winners Share Experience

Lisa Farmer and Lizzette Tarver were WICT Southeast’s lucky chapter members to win the 2019 WICT Southeast Inspire to Innovate Fellowship to attend the CableLabs Innovation Bootcamp held on Oct. 15 – 18, 2019 in Colorado. This year’s Bootcamp was an immersive three and a half days of learning experience designed to transform the way … Continue reading Bootcamp Fellow Winners Share Experience

R.E.A.L MAN OF WICT: Greg Madsen

A conversation with UpTV’s Greg Madsen WICT SOUTHEAST BLOG WRITER, ANA ADLER SAT DOWN WITH GREG MADSEN TO ASK HIM SOME QUESTIONS AND GET HIS TAKE ON WHAT HAVING A WICT MEMBERSHIP MEANS TO HIM. Name: Greg Madsen Location: Atlanta Where do you currently work and what’s your current role? Vice President of Multiplatform Distribution … Continue reading R.E.A.L MAN OF WICT: Greg Madsen

4 Questions for the 2019 Red Letter Recipients

Congratulations to Tina Simmons, Marilyn Altman, Angela Cannon, Susannah Balish, Shana Keith, and Sarah Cheatham, WICT Southeast’s 2019 Red Letter Award Recipients We recognize these women for their outstanding achievement and leadership and believe they personify the WICT Touchstones of Leadership and actively enhance the perception of the cable telecommunications industry through their community and professional involvement. … Continue reading 4 Questions for the 2019 Red Letter Recipients

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