Focus of the Month

Adaptive Capacity – What is it and Why is it Relevant?

Sally Breyley Parker and Argerie Vasilakes, of Time Zero Enterprises, are proponents of this theory referenced as biomimicry. Working with companies across various industries, they’ve helped organizations perform like highly productive ecosystems. To do this, they’ve not only looked at specific organisms but at the conditions needed to for a successful ecosystem.

“You Have to Want It” – An Interview with VP of Marketing for Turner Sports, Emma May

WICT volunteer Courtney Madson talks with the VP of Marketing for Turner Sports, Emma May on the correlation of sports and business.

Networking 101: Ways to Step Up Your Networking Game

For some, networking can seem more like a task than an opportunity. While others, count the days until their next chance to meet and mingle. No matter your feeling about it, networking is key to both professional and personal growth. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to developing lasting business relationships and becoming a stronger networker.

How to Set Useful Goals

Looking for January motivation to help you reach your career goals? WICT SE’s Jenny Oberhaus offers a unique approach on how you can start the year off right.