2019 Red Letter Awards: Writing Tips

2019 Red Letter Awards Writing Tips

Since 2004, WICT Southeast’s Red Letter Awards honor members who personify the WICT Touchstones of Leadership and demonstrate outstanding achievement and leadership. These individuals actively enhance the perception of the cable and telecommunications industry through their community and professional involvement. Presenting a nominee in the best light is essential to submitting an eye-catching and appealing nomination. To grab the attention of the judges, the following tips are recommended:

  • Follow the Rules: Read the instructions and award descriptions carefully. The information requested provides guidance to the judges and allows them to better understand each nominee. Make sure to submit the nomination by the stated deadline, keep each answer within the 500 word limit, and verify the nominee is an active WICT Southeast member in good standing who personifies the WICT Touchstones.
  • Interview the Nominee: Gather more details for the nomination by asking the nominee how they characterize their greatest accomplishments or unique ways they contribute to the company, industry or community. Ask questions noted in the award description and listen for responses to support your ideas.
  • Be Organized & Thorough: Judges are reviewing multiple entries, so make their job easier by being clear and thoughtful in your choice of wording. Remember to focus on key aspects of the award category and describe the nominee’s leadership abilities and contributions to their organization, community and industry. Only information included in the nomination will be considered throughout the judging process. A well-written nomination that meets the award criteria helps the judges to know each nominee and why they may be the best candidate for the award.
  • State the Extraordinary: Does your nominee stand out? What makes them exceptional? The judges need to understand how the nominee went above and beyond the daily responsibilities of the job. Be sure to include more than one example.
  • Show Meaningful Results: Be sure to measure your results against your stated objectives and include measurable results to document improvement or change, such as revenue generation, cost reduction or number of clients served. For instance, rather than stating “we gained 1,000 customers” replace it with “we gained 1,000 customers, a 50 percent improvement over last year’s campaign.”
  • Think Diversity: When selecting a nominee, consider those throughout all areas of your organization. These are individuals who had an exceptional year or stepped into greater responsibility and created value for the organization.
  • Consult Public Relations: Your media relations, corporate communications and public affairs departments are very familiar with submitting award nominations. They communicate on behalf of your company on a daily basis, so if you have never written an award nomination, consider asking for advice and help with the submission.

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