The Southeast Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications announces the call for nominations for the 2020 Red Letter Awards. Honoring outstanding achievement and leadership, ideal nominees personify the WICT Touchstones of Leadership and actively enhance the perception of the cable and telecommunications industry through their community and professional involvement.

Red Letter Awards:

The Rising Star Award for Emerging Leaders recognizes a man or woman who shows potential to be an influential leader within their organization and the cable telecommunications industry. This award is presented to an individual who has established competency and success in their area of expertise and is moving into formal or informal leadership roles. This award is presented to director or manager level.

The Mentor Award recognizes a man or woman who has a history of investing in the personal and professional development of individuals within the cable telecommunications industry. This award can also be presented to an individual who has championed developmental issues in the workplace, advanced mentoring initiatives and/or consistently supported company or industry mentoring programs. This award is presented to director level or above.

The Catalyst Award for Woman in Technology recognizes a man or woman in a technology position within the cable telecommunications industry. The award identifies and acknowledges the achievements of one who has demonstrated outstanding personal and professional growth and has contributed significantly to his/her organization and/or the industry. This award is presented to director level or above.

The Horizon Award for Woman to Watch recognizes a woman with a consistent record of professional success and job excellence. She is a strong strategic leader, a role model and significant contributor to the growth of her organization. This award is presented to an individual who has been in the industry for at least five years and who is at the VP level or above.

The Inspiration Award for Woman of the Year recognizes a woman who has had a milestone year and has contributed to the evolution of the cable telecommunications industry over the course of her career. She is a visionary leader who is highly regarded by her employees, clients and peers for career achievement, a dedication to excellence and quality work-life balance. This honor is typically awarded to a woman at the senior executive level or c-suite level.

Nomination Criteria: Nominations are encouraged of those who significantly contribute to WICT’s mission of developing leaders in particular empowering women leaders and exemplify this year’s Touchstone theme, “CONNECT.”

CONNECT to your peers, your industry, and everything around you.
You cannot move forward without a keen understanding of your network – the people you work with and the industry you work in. Immerse yourself in the economics and business practices that affect your company, clients, and colleagues. Keep your ear to the ground. Be aware of your competition and gain the upper hand. Build a support system for yourself and those within your community. Great leaders get connected and stay connected, using every ounce of information to their advantage.

Deadlines: All nominations must be received by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept 11, 2020.
If you have any questions regarding the Nomination process, please contact Gimette DeLaughter at gimette.delaughter@cox.com .

2020 Red Letter Awards Nomination Form

Award Qualifications:
• The Nominee
o Personifies all of the WICT Touchstones of Leadership, in particular “CONNECT”;
o Exemplifies the specific award attributes;
o Meets the award Title level requirements;
o Actively participates in community and industry organizations;
o Is a member of WICT Southeast, and ideally actively participates in WICT by attending and/or participating in events, helping to secure resources, mentoring, and/or participating in local and/or national WICT leadership.

Award Requirements:
• Confirm the Nominee is a current member of WICT and WICT Southeast.
• Confirm the Nominee’s manager and HR manager approve of your submission.

Get Ready to Submit! We will be asking for:

  1. Your contact info including title and company address
  2. Nominee’s contact info including title and company address
  3. Answers to these questions.
    Feel free to draft in advance and then copy and paste into Survey Monkey application form.
  • Confirm the nominee is a current member of WICT and WICT Southeast.
  • Confirm the nominee’s manager and HR manager approve of your submission.
  • Confirm the number of years the nominee has been in the Cable Industry and a brief recap of their career path.
  • Describe how the Nominee uniquely meets the award description you are nominating them for. In no more than 500 words, list key attributes and provide quantitative/qualitative results where applicable.
  • Describe how the Nominee Personifies the WICT Touchstone “CONNECT”. Please list how this nominee exemplifies the WICT Touchstone “CONNECT” at the company, industry or community level that you have not included in Section 1 of the nomination using 500 words or less.
  • (Optional) Share if the Nominee has made an impact on you personally, especially in considering the Touchstone “CONNECT”. In no more than 500 words, elaborate on the personal impact you have experienced.

Each nomination should include detailed information regarding the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments. For tips on grabbing the attention of the judges and presenting a nominee in the best light, check out WICT Southeast Red Letter Award Writing Tips.