3 Questions for 2021 Inspiration Award, Woman of the Year Winner

Congratulations to Tina Shah our  Inspiration Award, Woman of the Year Winner.

Name: Tina Shah

Location: Atlanta, GA

Title: Executive Vice President and General Manager

Company: Turner Sports

What does getting this award mean to you?

 It’s a tremendous honor, especially given the number of amazingly talented women who are professionals I deeply admire throughout our industry. Many of those women are pioneers who have paved the way and helped to create opportunities for me and so many others. I am very grateful to them and for being the recipient of this award.

As women, we often find it difficult to pat ourselves on the back, but I’m going to ask you to do just that. What do you think sets you apart from other nominees?  

I think what differentiates me, at least to a degree, is that I work in sports media. It’s a bit more uncommon to see women, especially in leadership positions, in our industry. Throughout my career, I’ve focused so much on displaying a strong work ethic and building relationships. And I genuinely believe that hard work will take you certain places, but you also need someone who notices and advocates on your behalf. I’m very fortunate to have received that level of support from many leaders throughout our organization.

This year’s theme is ‘Be a Catalyst.’ Why do you think setting the wheels of change in motion is more important than ever in 2021?

 I believe the most important thing we all can do is continue being catalysts for change. We saw that this past year, with so many societal inequities being highlighted. Within our industry, we continue to see greater representation needed in all forms. We have a responsibility to our colleagues as well as the communities we all serve to keep taking action. While there is always more to be done, I feel strongly that we must consistently seek opportunities to drive meaningful change and leverage the appropriate resources to help us become even more of a catalyst.