Are You Ready to Join the WICT Southeast Board?

The WICT Southeast election season has finally arrived and we’re looking for enthusiastic, organized and dedicated members, who are looking to take the next step and join the 2019 Board of Directors! Whether you’re a marketing director, an attorney, a coordinator or an accountant, serving on the WICT Southeast’s board will you enable you to thrive and become a catalyst in your career.

Jamie Miller, WICT Southeast President and Director of Program Planning for Discovery, Inc. said, “As a WICT Southeast board member since 2013, I have had the privilege to meet many of our members and have gotten to know executives who work at companies in different facets of our industry (provider, programmer, tech & vendor). I don’t believe those connections would have occurred to that extent had I not gotten involved with the Southeast board. Besides expanding your professional network, board service is an opportunity to learn new skills, as well as hone your management and communication styles.” As Jamie mentioned, there many benefits to joining the WICT board, below are our top four reasons.

Strengthen your professional credibility and personal brand

Taking on a board position is the perfect place to showcase your expertise and value within the industry because it raises your professional profile. Robyne Gordon, former WICT Southeast’s Director of Red Letter Awards and corporate legal manager for Turner Entertainment Networks, explained she “had an opportunity to interact with industry leaders in “low pressure” environments (e.g. Red Letter Awards, Taste of WICT, etc.). Having this type of interaction as an initial meeting sets the stage for you to build rapport on a personal level and nurture and expand upon that platform for your professional development.” Robyne mentioned that being a board member has put her personal brand on display, both knowingly and unknowingly. She also said her position gives her a “bird’s eye view on how you’re perceived, how you work under pressure and your leadership skills” that can propel your personal brand to heights you have not previously imagined.

Connect with new professionals. Gain exposure and insight on the industry

As the media industry changes and as professionals we are being tasked to become increasingly adaptable, now is the perfect time to join the WICT Southeast board. By taking on this new role, you’re able to connect with new professionals in different areas of the region and gain insight into what they do. With such a diverse group like the WICT Southeast members, it is more than likely is outside of our day-to-day demands. Additionally, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming programming events and the be first to know about the upcoming changes in the industry.

Sharpen your professional skills.

Serving on WICT’s board will enable you to strengthen a variety of professional skills that will help your career and give you the opportunity to step up and lead. LaShaun Solomon, Vice President for WICT Southeast and Community Account Executive for Comcast said, “I have had opportunities to practice my people management skills as well as grow my leadership skills. Both of these skills I consider pertinent to my professional career growth. Another benefit of being a part of this board is that you get to learn and pursue a skill that you otherwise may not be able to in one’s current role.”

Be a Catalyst for Your Career

Aligning with this year’s WICT theme, when you join a board, you’re able to become a catalyst for your career. You are able to take the reins and develop skills in areas you may not work in within your day-to-day job. Additionally, you’re able to build your resume, grow your mentorship circle and gain a new perspective on the media industry.


Are you looking to get more involved in WICT Southeast? Apply to run for our 2019 Board of Directors! Nominations for WICT Southeast board open from Thursday, July 26th – Friday, August 24th and elections will take place in September, with the 2019 Board of Directors announced later in this fall. Apply here:

Candidates must be a 2019 regular or executive level member and will need their manager’s approval to run for a board position. If you are interested, please submit a position statement of 300 words or less including biographical information and why you want to run for a particular position by Friday, August 24, 2018. Mentioning previous involvement or volunteer work with WICT or WICT Southeast is helpful.

Before you sign up, keep in mind that pursuing a role on the board may require considerable time and effort and it’s not always glamorous. Depending on the position, you can expect to devote a minimum of 5 to 15 hours per month, but the payoff could be worth it.

If you have any questions about a board position, please contact WICT Southeast Vice President LaShaun Solomon via email at