Executive Roundtable Series


The Executive Roundtable Series, sponsored by Ridgeline Coaching, offers Executive Members research on a top-of-mind topic for leaders in our industry, followed by an interactive group discussion. The focus of our May session will be “The Great Resignation – Retaining Talent and Keeping Teams Productive Through Change.” Nikki Evans, CEO and Chief Thought Provoker at Ridgeline Coaching, will lead a session on Tuesday, May 24 from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. ET to:

  • Issues you are facing with turnover and employee engagement in rapidly changing times
  • Statistics about current labor changes and employee expectations as well as how leaders are talking to teams about changes 
  • How new expectations from employees and new initiatives and goals of companies are causing confusion, doubt, and disengagement and what you can do about it

This session will allow Executive Members to:

  • Share real business issues and have real conversations with your peer group
  • Take time to think of critical challenges and gain solutions from other leaders in our industry facing similar situations
  • Talk to each other in a ‘thought leadership’ virtual environment

Do you have a few extra minutes? Join us for 5-10 minutes prior to our session for an informal networking roundtable. Stay connected between sessions by staying active with the Reciprocity Ring – a group of women practicing asking for what they need, which builds emotional intelligence. This is a resource available only to those who attend any Executive Roundtable Series session in 2022. Join our Reciprocity Ring on Slack here. Nikki Evans leads team and one-on-one programs designed to guide attendees to achieve greater results as they hack into their strengths and those of their teams to increase productivity, engagement and happiness at work. She is a certified professional coach and holds an MBA from Georgia State University.

Reasons to Attend

  1. Networking with other Executives of The WICT Network
  2. Sharing best practices from peers
  3. Accessing deeper insights/research on session topics
  4. Providing opportunities to ask for advice and help from peers
  5. Brainstorming solutions in a safe environment


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