Is Joining a Board a Game-Changer?

You’ve likely heard that a board role can benefit your career. Whether it’s for a non-profit or an organization like WICT Southeast Chapter, serving on a board can provide professional growth opportunities and strengthen your personal brand. But since pursuing a board role may require a big investment of time and effort, is the payoff worth it? Absolutely. Here are some ways a board position could be a game-changer for you.drew-beamer-Se7vVKzYxTI-unsplash

Strengthen your professional credibility.

 Being tapped for a board position shows that an organization trusts you with a vital, visible, and high-impact role. It’s a public endorsement of your expertise and value. This affiliation is one you can promote, and it can raise your professional profile.

Grow your professional network.

 Board roles provide an incredible opportunity to meet influential and well-connected people. As you meet new people, be sure to connect in meaningful ways and cultivate relationships. As with anyone in your network, these relationships can be valuable when you’re ready to pursue the next step in your career.

Sharpen your skills.

 Serving on a board will help you to strengthen a variety of professional skills. Key among them is a collaboration, particularly how you work with other board members and leaders. A board role can also strengthen your leadership skills, especially if you are heading a committee. And, if the committee is spread out geographically, leading them can also help you brush up on remote management skills.

Increased visibility.

 Using your expertise to contribute to a board role will elevate your professional reputation. You’ll be seen as a dedicated, strategic, go-to person with great insight. Your visibility and value within the organization and with other business leaders will grow. These leaders, as well as your board colleagues, will see the benefits of working with you firsthand, which can be helpful as you pursue future opportunities.


Serving on a board is a great way to showcase your capabilities, no matter what type of board you serve. It will help broaden and sharpen skills, grow your professional network, and gain exposure to new areas of business that will drive professional growth. Joining a board will elevate your reputation and strengthen your personal brand, which are key elements to fuel career advancement.

For more information, check out this article from Ellevate.  Also, WICT Southeast is currently looking for enthusiastic, organized, and dedicated members who would like to run for the 2020 Board of Directors! Click here to find out more on how you can expand your leadership skills, connect with a diverse group of professionals, and make a positive impact on the cable industry.


Lisa Conklin is on the internal communications team at Cox Communications in Atlanta (by way of Kansas), where she focuses on executive and employee communications. She describes herself as a triathlon junkie, solo traveler, and accidental hippie.