L. Diane “LD” Bennett, Ph.D.

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L. Diane “LD” Bennett, Ph.D.

LDBennettDr. Bennett is Chief Evangelist of Maximize Consulting, LLC, a private consulting firm she started 17 years ago, to focus on organizational effectiveness, leadership development and executive coaching. Her diverse client base includes telecommunications, human capital, transportation, healthcare and government entities. Dr. Bennett is committed to solutions that enhance workplace productivity in sync with key performance indicators.

She is a highly active Senior On-Call Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership while also managing a thriving boutique firm. LD co-facilitates several CCL programs, most especially Women in Cable Telecommunications’ Betsy Magness Leadership Institute (BMLI) and Betsy Magness Graduate Institute (BMGI) (nearly 9 years). She has also designed and delivered Mentoring Circles programs for Southeast, Southwest, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Carolinas Chapters. Her diverse experiences make her uniquely qualified to provide innovative and creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities of today’s workplace.

Dr. Bennett has had an impressive career that spans 40+-yrs in government, corporate and nonprofit sectors. She has held senior positions as: Vice President of Business Development at a Top 5 minority-owned marketing and communications firm; in federal service, held a rare dual-hatted role as Special Assistant to the Director and to the Associate Director for Field Operations – U.S. Census Bureau. For her federal service, she received a Bronze Medal (highest civilian service award) – U.S. Commerce Dept. She served five years as global Diversity Director – Habitat for Humanity International.

Dr. Bennett is a “thought leader” who uses her intellectual curiosity to design and deliver programs that help create a dynamic and integrated workforce. Dr. Bennett holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, a Masters of Regional Planning, a triple major Bachelor of Arts, and holds graduate certificates in Executive Leadership (Northwestern), Gamification (Wharton School) and Design Thinking for Innovation (Darden School of Business – UVA) and is certified in 13 psychometric assessments. Dr. Bennett is an author, college lecturer, innovator and sought-after inspirational speaker.

Most of all, Dr. Bennett, “LD”, as she is affectionately called, is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to courageously create their own destiny!

Check out the website: http://www.maximizeconsultingllc.com