Nikki Evans

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Nikki Evans

Nikki Evans – Ridgeline Coaching

Nikki Evans is the Chief Thought Provoker at Ridgeline Coaching. She helps people to tell better stories to get better results. Nikki works with smart, capable leaders who are frustrated with “do more with less” demands at work, a disengaged, underperforming team or who are overwhelmed with the new responsibilities to get clarity about what to do so they can find joy, confidence and success at work.

After a 20+ year career in various technology roles, Nikki understands the challenges of working in corporate environments and how difficult it can be to see when and where to pivot. She discovered her passion for coaching after a set back at work caused her to re-evaluate what was next for her.

Nikki is a certified professional coach and has earned an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. She holds an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems from Georgia State. Nikki earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Georgia before she started working in technology. Learn more about Nikki at or contact her directly at