Phenomenal Woman: The Secret of My Success

Phenomenal Woman:

The Secret of My Success

july 29th, 2021

WICT Southeast, in partnership with one of our Chapter Sponsors, Afiniti, presents a Women’s Empowerment Event – “Phenomenal Woman: The Secret of My Success.” During this event, we’ll spotlight women in the workforce leading extraordinary work and people. 

Join us as we go up close and personal to celebrate the success of Beatrice York (Afiniti), Sujata Gosalia (Cox Communications), Tina Simmons (Comcast), and Sandy Howe (WICT Global Board Executive).

We’ll explore with our panelists:

  • Their professional and personal journey.
  • What great work they are leading to grow their companies and/or self.
  • How are they looking to expand? What new learnings are they embracing? 
  • How do others get there? What charge would they give to empower and employ other women?

Learn more about our speakers

Beatrice York
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Sandy Howe
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Sujata Gosalia
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Tina Simmons
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Moderated By

LaPorsche Thomas
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