The WICT Network: Southeast chapter is no stranger to bolstering strong community outreach, giving back to the southeast region and improving lives along the way. 

In 2021, our chapter was honored to partner with NAMIC Atlanta to bring awareness to and help end youth homelessness with our community fundraising outreach event – Steps to Stability. In support of Covenant House Georgia, the WICT Network: Southeast and NAMIC Atlanta ventured out in a friendly 10-day challenge that gave members the opportunity to get fit by logging their steps (50k registrant goal), telling their friends, family, colleagues and companies to get involved by donating, and after meeting personal steps milestones, participants unlocked humbling journeys from teens housed at Covenant House. We proudly exceeded our goals by logging over 2 million steps and raising over $10,600 dollars for the community.

Part of The WICT Network’s mission is to connect, be a catalyst, be fearless and inspire. Our Outreach and Philanthropy in the southeast region encompass these key touchpoints. We are focused in our efforts to connect with other organizations to build a diverse community support system that spans across multiple professions and industries. We foster partnerships with like-minded organizations in an effort to give back to our local communities. 

The WICT Network: Southeast members are innovative thinkers and act as catalysts in all we do. One of our priorities is to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion and to be fearless in our pursuits to elevate our chapter, our leadership and our community.  

Making a difference, together.


Did someone say challenge?! The WICT Network Southeast and NAMIC Atlanta are at it again.  

We are counting steps and raising funds to combat homelessness in Atlanta. Steps to Stability is a five-day challenge to log 1 Million+ steps and raise at least $5,000 in donations in support of youth overcoming homelessness at Covenant House. 

We’re  going head-to-head in a friendly competition, the first team to reach $2,500 in donations and logs 500K steps … wins!

If you are a member of The WICT Network Southeast, join us September 21 – 25 and help us end teen homelessness in Atlanta. Oh, and to beat NAMIC Atlanta in our friendly challenge.

Why Steps to Stability?

Young people overcoming homelessness spend an average of 50 nights at Covenant House, and their paths to independence don’t follow a straight line. Together, we are helping change the lives of many teenagers, one step at a time. Funds raised go directly to programs at Covenant House providing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, legal aid and loving care to youth facing homelessness.

Who can join?

All members from The WICT Network: Southeast and NAMIC Atlanta.

How can I participate?

It’s super easy to get involved. All you have to do is go to, click the register button. Select The WICT Network: Southeast and register.

For five days, Sept. 21 - 25, walk, jog or run to help us support Covenant House. Log your steps at your own pace on a treadmill, around your house or through your neighborhood over the weekend. 

Use your social networks, email or via text to let your family, friends and co-workers know that you are participating in a challenge to support homelessness in Atlanta and would love for them to donate to the cause. Give them your donation link and you are off to the races.

Track your steps on a fundraising page or using the covenant house app DAILY.  As a team we will work together towards our overall goal of 1 MILLION STEPS and $5K+ 

By the Way - Regarding Donations

Donations are not tied to steps.  

  • The goal is to bring awareness to youth homelessness and support to Covenant House.
  • Registered participants alert their friends, family and companies what they are doing to support Covenant House via social posts, email, text etc. AND ask friends, family, colleagues, companies to donate on our fundraising page and help us help Covenant House to provide food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, legal aid and loving care to youth facing homelessness.
  • The donation process is very simple. Just a few clicks. People are able to donate on-line or checks can be mailed to Covenant House. People do not have to be registered to donate.

All donors for the event will also receive tax acknowledgements upon donating via email. 

In addition to the steps to Stability Challenge Sept 21- 25th, we are having an in-person meet-up on Saturday, Sept. 24. 


  • Meet up location 1: Beltline Bridge @ Ponce City Market at 10:30 am

1141 North Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Parking Options: Parking garage, Valet and Parking Lot (self-parking)

  • Meet up location 2: Park Tavern at 11:30 am

500 10th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Parking Options: Park Tavern gravel Parking lot or street parking

  • Parking Options: Park Tavern gravel Parking lot or street parking
  • Receive a parking voucher for one free non-alcoholic beverage when you park at Park Tavern gravel 
  • Valet Parking only available for weddings and other special events
10:30 am - 11:00 amMeet at Beltline Bridge @ Ponce City Market
11:00 am – 11:30 amPark Tavern 1mile Walk begins
11:30 am -  1:30 pmPark Tavern Meet up for Steps to Stability Celebration


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