better equipped for success

Elisa Wright

I really enjoyed and appreciated the WICT luncheon yesterday.  I am forever thankful to my company Spectrum Reach for being a WICT sponsor.

EVERY WICT event that I have attended has left me more inspired, motivated, encouraged, focused, informed and empowered;  just overall better equipped for success. 

These words are sometimes overused, or only used because they sound good, but I mean them literally.   All of these things take place within me when I sit and listen to highly successful women, that I would normally never meet or have the opportunity to be exposed to, speak openly about her successes, doubts, past fears, struggles, strategies and solutions.

To know that a woman who is a Managing Partner, CEO, RVP, Director, GM, Owner, VP, President etc. has had the same thoughts, experiences etc. that I have, and yet she pushed past it all to go higher, well it fuels me to challenge myself.   It opens the doors of my mind to greater possibilities.

For one quick example, I attended the WICT Red Letter Gala in Atlanta this year, and while I was sitting at this dinner listening to these exceptional women, the energy and spirit of excellence in the room lifted me in such a way that I felt different and thought different about myself from that day forward.  I became less intimidated by my own fears and self-doubt.  I became less intimidated by how smart or experienced someone else is, and more appreciative of my own skills, insights and abilities.  I became more willing to be seen and heard.  3 years ago I gained a lot of weight, and that weight made me want to hide and stay in the shadows;  but after being there I wore red lipstick and felt like, “okay, I’m larger than I want to be right now, but I’m going to dress this up and get on the front lines while I fix it”.

After that event, I stopped feeling so bad about “not knowing” and became more comfortable with “working through it”;  without feeling unworthy because I had to work through it.  I began to see that I have more to offer than I gave myself credit for.

There are so many aspects of me that have been improved through my involvement with WICT.  It is invaluable to be around women who have Done it Well and don’t mind sharing how they did it and how they are currently doing it.