Top Five Reasons to Have a Mentor



Contributed by Courtney Madson

If you ask any professional or look for the “top 10” pieces of career advice, one common tip is to have a mentor. Someone who can guide you, fight for you and help you become a better version of yourself. While this is truly invaluable advice, the mentoring process can seem overwhelming and at times may appear like more work than the return.

Here are our WICT blog volunteers top 5 reasons why having a mentor or being a part of a mentoring circle can be an extraordinary experience and worth the time devoted to the relationship.

You Receive Impartial Advice

“Having a mentor has allowed me to seek advice, both professional and personal, and confide in someone who is impartial. Their expertise and coaching skills to help guide my decisions and often times get a different perspective. Over the years, my mentors have been essential in helping me grow personally and professionally as well as providing encouragement and giving me the confidence to be my best self.”

Kenya Brock, Director of Marketing, Brown Sugar

You Are Introduced to Different Areas in the Company

“Having a mentor was an amazing resource because he taught me about other departments here at the company that I would otherwise not have been exposed to. He was able to introduce me to people for informational interviews, so I could get a better glimpse at what executives in other departments are working on and make valuable connections. I even approached him with some challenges I was facing in my daily tasks, and he gave me excellent advice on how to raise a flag to my boss when I needed help, made suggestions on how to improve my own workflow for efficiency, and provided me with resources for furthering my education so I could be an expert at my job.”

Cheyenne Perry, Digital Ad Sales Marketing Activation Coordinator, Discovery Communications

You Gain Perspective

“One of the things I value most about my mentor is her perspective. I can present her with a scenario and she can then help me see that there is always another way to approach a situation.”

Jenny Oberhaus, Digital Ad Sales Marketing Activation Specialist, Discovery Communications

You Both Grow

“When you have a mentor it doesn’t necessarily mean that you now have a therapist, it’s a two-way street where you both are able to grow. While it took me a second to clue into this, having a mentor to share my work situations, learn from and about his work, and have an open communication has been such a priceless experience. We both learn from each other, me more than him, and have grown because of it.”

Courtney Madson, Home Category Brand Creative Associate Writer/Producer, Discovery Communications

You Can Ignite Change in Your Career

“A mentor isn’t there to coddle you- He or she can help push you out of your comfort zone, ignite new ideas, or open up new opportunities. Also, don’t be afraid to find someone who may not be in your department or has a different personality because they might offer insight that you have never thought about”

Valerie Carrillo, Home Category Brand Creative Senior Writer/Producer, Discovery Communications

While everyone has a different experience, there is overwhelming support to have a mentor. So how should you go about this? Join WICT SE’s award-recognized Mentoring Circles program as we embark on “Being a Catalyst for Change in My Career and Community”. This year’s Mentoring Circles will provide an interactive approach to intentional career advancement, led by Betsey Magness instructor LD Bennett.

Circles are small groups of mentees led by mentor pairs through a guided six-month program. The program kicks off in June and completes by the end of the year. Step it up in your personal development, equip yourself to ignite change in your career and community, all while building relationships with like-minded women! Apply at the below links through May 18!

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