What do you love about WICT? Part Two.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! To celebrate in the spirit of the holiday, we asked some of our members to tell us what they love about WICT. Beginning yesterday, February 12th, through Valentine’s Day, we are sharing what a few of them had to say!

When you are involved in WICT to any degree, you are actively touching members’ lives. Whether helping to grow their leadership abilities via an event you volunteered for, widening their network of professionals, or even encouraging them to run for the board of directors, it is rewarding to know that you made a positive contribution to someone’s life and career. — Jamie Miller, Director, HGTV Program Planning, Discovery, Inc.

I love WICT because it allows me to be surrounded by inspiring and talented people in and around my industry. I’ve made fantastic connections and have learned something from every person I have met. — Kenya Brock, Director of Digital Operations and Marketing, Katz Networks (E.W. Scripps Co.)

My time with WICT is just getting started, but I love how it’s already pushed me out of my comfort zone and into board membership. I’m so lucky to serve with a great group of ladies and mentors in the Southeast! — Katie Farritor, RFD-TV Executive Producer & WICT Southeast Programming Director, Nashville

EVERY WICT event that I have attended has left me more inspired, motivated, encouraged, focused, informed, and empowered — overall better equipped for success. These words are sometimes overused, or only used because they sound good, but I mean them literally. All of these things take place within me when I sit and listen to highly successful women — ones I would normally never meet or be exposed to — speak openly about their successes, doubts, past fears, struggles, strategies, and solutions. It is invaluable to be around women who have done it well and don’t mind sharing how they did it and how they are currently doing it. — Elisa Wright, Pricing, Planning & Inventory Manager, Spectrum Reach

While I’ve always considered myself, by definition, a natural leader, it wasn’t until I became a student and steward of WICT principles that I learned how to be a true servant leader. I absolutely LOVE what we do!!! — Dana Dawson, Senior Project Manager, Cox Enterprises

Now it’s your turn: What do you love about WICT? Read yesterday’s post and check out tomorrow’s post for more great quotes!


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