Allison Jacobs

Gimette DeLaughter
Cox Communications
Vice President
Jamelia Smith
Cox Communications
Past President
Shelley Hoffmann
Healthgrades/Red Ventures
Senior Treasurer
Aqueelah Durham
Leslie Podrasky
Discovery, Inc
Advisory Board/Executive Champion
Sheri McGaughy
McGaughy Law
Advisory Board/Executive Champion
Laura Dames
WarnerMedia Studios
Advisory Board/Executive Champion
Sujata Gosalia
Cox Communications
Advisory Board/Executive Champion
Kimberly Kleinhans
Senior Director of Programming
Cindy Hughes
Cox Communications
Senior Director of Partnership
Kerri Hayes
Senior Director of Marketing/Communications
Lisa Conklin
Cox Communications
Senior Director of Membership
Lori Jackson
Cox Communications
Senior Director of Mentoring
Erika Weaver
Discovery, Inc
Senior Director of Awards Gala
Kasey White
Cox Communications
Stacy Hurd
Cox Communications
Director of Communications
Christina Thompson
Cox Automotive
Director of Design
Ana Adler
Ana Adler Creative
Director of Social Media Marketing
Jessica Simmons
Cox Communications
Director of Technology
Lydia San George
Director of Membership GA & AL
Resa Quick
Director of Membership TN
Sharon Prince
Director of Outreach/Philanthropy
Angela Cannon
UP Faith & Family
Director of Programming AL
Shannon Andrews
Director of Programming GA
Vincine Brown
Pyramid Consulting, Inc.
Director of Programming TN Knoxville
Jennifer Porterfield
Warner Bros. Discovery
Director of Programming TN Nashville
Melissa Harris
Telecom Training Corporation
Director of Mentoring GA & AL
Kim Bowman-Scott
Cox Communications
Director of Mentoring TN
Katie Avant
Director of Partnerships
Tammina Hart
Director of Awards Gala
Jay Brown
Alta Planning & Design
Director at Large - Bylaws
Chris Morter
Cox Communications
Director at Large - Partnership
Michael Wiggins
Cox Communications
Director at Large - Executive Outreach
Kathy Hatala
Blueprint RF/ Cox
Director at Large - Chapter Expansion
Janine Bowling
Director at Large - Finance
Natasha Prewitt
The Weather Group
Director at Large - Virtual Technology
Catherine Ellis
Director at Large - Absentee Coverage
Anne Loescher
Scripps Networks
Director at Large - Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
Lynnette Smith
The Weather Channel