3 Ways Lisa Gets the Most Out of Her Membership

3 Ways Lisa Gets the Most Out of Her Membership


Whether you’re a new member or have recently renewed your membership in The WICT Network, you may be wondering … “now what?” Here are three practical ways anyone can get the most out of their membership.

  1. Volunteer as a Board member! The WICT Network: Southeast is looking for enthusiastic, organized and dedicated members who would like to run for the 2024 Board of Directors. Serving on the Board is a great way to expand your leadership skills, connect with a diverse group of professionals and make a positive impact on the industry. Learn more and apply here.
  2. Stop by one of our in-person events or attend one virtually. Our robust programming calendar provides lots of opportunities to learn from others, participate in conversations and network with industry leaders. Check out our upcoming events here.
  3. Share your experiences with your leader and your team. Whether you’re fresh out of an event hosted by The WICT Network, are involved in our Global Mentoring Circles, or are newly leading a Board committee … be sure to recap what you’re doing with your leader. They’ll be glad to know how the company’s investment is paying off, and you’ll get to showcase how you’re driving your individual development plan.

The bottom line: Don’t let your membership fade to the background! Get involved and make the most of your company’s investment. You’ll be glad you did!