Member spotlight: Tina Bernard

Member spotlight: Tina Bernard


Meet Tina Bernard, Manager 1, Technical Product Sales Support at Comcast Business and a long-time member of The WICT Network: Southeast. She’s been involved in and volunteered at numerous events like Taste of WICT, Red Letter Awards, Speed Mentoring and Membership Socials. Tina says she’s learned so much and gained synergies from the phenomenal leadership trainings and a platform of speakers from The WICT Network.

What propelled you to join The WICT Network: Southeast?

I joined because it’s a great avenue to network with leaders who understand women and their point of view. By meeting these great leaders, I’m inspired to grow in my personal and professional life, and it gives me confidence to be bold, fearless and dare to dream.

At The WICT Network, both women & men are encouraged to be a catalyst/fearless and set the wheels of change in motion. In your experience, share your thoughts on some key benefits of being a member and why individuals should join or consider renewing their membership?

The WICT Network is a great organization to be involved in. I take every opportunity to encourage my co-workers and teammates to join or renew their membership because there are endless opportunities such as professional development, leadership training and webinars to name a few.

How has The WICT Network: Southeast played an important role in your professional/personal life?

The WICT Network has helped me build my confidence, made me a better leader, an effective communicator and expanded my professional and personal network. With the confidence I gained from being a member I took the plunge and purchased a home of my own this year, this was all possible because of this organization. 

Over the past year the world has faced major challenges. What is one piece of practical advice you have gained from The WICT Network: Southeast events that can benefit others?

Being resilient, understanding the current environment, paying attention to personal well-being and of those around us.