Membership Spotlight: Diana Johnson

Membership Spotlight: Diana Johnson



The WICTSE Membership Spotlight features members and/or board members that wish to

share their experience being a member of the WICT organization. Each month a different

member will be spotlighted and showcased in the WICT SE newsletter and via the WICT SE

social forums. For the month of September we will spotlight Diana Johnson, Comcast, Sr.

Marketing Specialist.

How can WICT Southeast members help celebrate Hispanic culture this month?

By highlighting Hispanic professionals or businesses in the industry who are making an impact and creating opportunities.

What propelled you to join WICT Southeast?

The opportunity to network with other amazing professionals, build my brand and develop my career.

At WICT, both women & men are encouraged to be a catalyst and set the wheels of change in motion. In your experience, share your thoughts on some key benefits of being a member of WICT and why individuals should join or consider renewing their membership?

As professionals, we need to continue to own our careers and utilize the resources provided by our employers – and one of those is a WICT membership. I’ve been an active member for many years, which has allowed me to participate in different events, find mentors, develop new relationships, enhance my communications and people skills and become more empowered in my career and workplace. WICT provides an incredible amount of talent, technology and expertise that can benefit you, your career and the the company your work for in so many different ways. Take action and enroll today. 

How has WICT Southeast played an important role in your professional/personal life?

It has helped me build my network, meet amazing mentors, enhance my view on different aspects of life and collaborate with other great members.

Over the past year the world has faced major challenges. What is one piece of practical advice you have gained from WICT Southeast events that can benefit others?

Keep improving yourself and be resourceful. Even though the pandemic has kept us from doing things the way we used to, I do enjoy the flexibility that virtual meetings and trainings provide. I would also recommend staying connected to a community of like-minded people – like the WICT community –  to keep you motivated, positive and focused on the things you can control.