WICT SE Membership Spotlight: Sheena Parker

WICT SE Membership Spotlight: Sheena Parker


My current title is Manager of Customer Service Strategy & Operations. I am the Program Manager for Central Division Care CAREERADVANCE.
My current hobbies include creating fitness and nutrition programs, listening to romance audiobooks, watching K-Dramas, Taekwondo (current green belt working on purple), trying new wines.

1. What propelled you to join the WICT Network Southeast?
I want to join WICT because I’m interested in learning from and connecting with a network of my industry professionals who are in the mindset of leveling up to their greatest potential and elevating others along the way.

2. At The WICT Network: Southeast both women & men are encouraged to “Be Fearless” and confident in your convictions as you take risks and bring others along. In your experience, share your thoughts on some key benefits of being a member of the WICT Network Southeast and why individuals should join or consider renewing their membership?
While I am new to WICT, I have examined the benefits of being a member through my peers. Members of WICT exuded a level of confidence, drive, and skills one needs in order to be successful in not only this industry but in Corporate America. With access to thousands of media and technology professionals, educational workshops, and career development conferences, WICT is providing an invaluable set of resources to ensure members have what they need to reach their potential and achieve significant career milestones.

3. How has the WICT Network Southeast played an important role in your professional/personal life?
As a member of WICT, I’m looking to create bonds with amazing professionals in this industry and share best practices. I’ll be utilizing my membership to deep dive into career development and create a blueprint for the career and personal life that will bring me the most balance and joy. Most importantly, I am looking forward to exploring my strengths and opportunities to become a stronger leader who inspires others.

4. Over the past year the world has faced major challenges. What is one piece of practical advice you have gained from the WICT Network Southeast events that can benefit others?
Technology, minds, and society. These three things are constantly changing, and it is our job to keep up and get ahead of the curve when they do. Put your game face on when faced with challenges big or small because opportunity awaits those who are ready to step up. I believe this mindset is achievable with an amazing support system such as The WICT Network.