WICT SE Membership Spotlight: Vernessa Robinson

WICT SE Membership Spotlight: Vernessa Robinson


Vernessa Robinson – Supervisor, Technical Product Sales Support, Comcast Business Services  


What propelled you to join WICT Network Southeast? What propelled me to join WICT Network Southeast was primarily for networking purposes with other professionals in the Telecommunication/Technology world.  I have always aspired to get more knowledge about our field and share best practices with others.  

  • At WICT Network Southeast both women & men are encouraged to be Fearless and set the wheels of change in motion. In your experience, share your thoughts on some key benefits of being a member of WICT Network Southeast and why individuals should join or consider renewing their membership? Being fearless is about being innovative, taking chances, and determining how to play an instrumental role in making things more efficient.  WICT keeps abreast of new advancements in our field, which offers a great opportunity to develop, network, experience upcoming technology, and be “in the know” with new innovations.  It also gives us access to individuals who are upwardly mobile throughout the companies. 

  • How has WICT Network Southeast played an important role in your professional/personal life? The “Win” is in the networking, the knowledge, and sharing best practices with other like-minded people.  I am honored to be amongst talented women who are playing instrumental roles in changing the game in telecommunications/technology.
  • Over the past year the world has faced major challenges. What is one piece of practical advice you have gained from WICT Network Southeast events that can benefit others? The best advice I can offer is to work with individuals who will challenge you to work outside of your comfort zone.  It builds character and emotional intelligence.   Make sure not to avoid difficult situations, make sure to embrace challenges that seem beyond your scope, and never be complacent.

In Celebration of PRIDE and Juneteenth Holiday: I appreciate working for a company that is diverse and inclusive, where opportunities are extended to people regardless of their orientation and we are encouraged to be open and active in the workplace and community.  I am comfortable with being who I am, and this organization meets me there, without judgment.